The overall stability of soil mixing station equipment after completion, in order to make the device a perfect run, the need for regular timing equipment repair and maintenance, to ensure that each part of the equipment of convergence and stability, run smoothly, so specific stabilized soil mixing station should be how to perform routine maintenance it? Xiao Bian new peak following camc 6×4 concrete mixer truck details about you. If you want to consult more on stabilizing the soil mixing station quotes and other details of the case, a reducer (filter) and electric drum performed in the instructions for use of the corresponding provisions. 2, mixer, aggregate belt conveyor, belt feeding machine, each stabilized soil batching machine, screw conveyor bearing at the day before starting the application grease gun to the oil lubrication cup at 5-8, after every 200 hours open the inspection, put new grease. 3, js compulsory mixer gear should smear a little butter before starting the day. 4, opened once a week each drive chain cover and the chain plus a small amount of grease-coated every 300 hours of work cleaning the chain once. 5, weekly cleaning each belt and the belt tensioning screw feeder once, and apply new grease. 6, mixer poor working conditions, when worn to paddle area of ​​less than 2/3 of the original, it should replace the paddle. 7, after the end of the working class, the mixed material storage bin in the material drained, cut off the power supply; turn on the mixer cover, check the fastening arm and stirring paddle, and found loose nuts should be 12 ton concrete mixer truck tightened immediately, so as not to paddle off accident; clean or remove the device around the adhesion material, in order to avoid hardening bonding material, affect the normal use of the equipment. 8, electric drum reducer or leakage occurs, to the timely replacement gaskets or seals, to ensure their adequate amount of oil. 9, the cover plate on the rear cylinder mixer damaged to be repaired, in order to avoid material flying out of wounding. 10, maintenance of electrical equipment parts. Electrical equipment through regular maintenance, both to reduce the incidence of failure can discover hidden, thus preventing the expansion of the fault. Routine maintenance of electrical equipment objects generally include: motors, electrical control cabinet (including contactors, relays and protective equipment) and electrical wiring. (1) dust and grease easily into the motor, electrical control cabinets and electrical wiring, causing electrical insulation resistance decreases, the contact is bad, cooling conditions worsen, or even cause a jac 6×4 concrete mixer truck short circuit to ground. Therefore, to regularly clean electrical cabinet dust and oil, with particular attention to remove iron and the like have conductive dust. (2) maintenance checks, should pay attention to electrical cabinet contactors, relays and other electrical appliances of all terminals for loose, damaged wiring is shedding. (3) Check the electrical cabinet of a variety of electrical components and wires if there is the phenomenon of immersion oil or insulation damaged, and the necessary treatment. (4) To ensure the normal operation of electrical equipment each protective device during maintenance, not allowed to freely change the thermal relay, setting the value of automatic air switch; replace melt, must be required option can not be too large or too small. (5) to strengthen the high temperatures, rainy, cold and other seasonal maintenance and inspection of electrical equipment. (6) on a regular basis of the motor repair and the repair of small checks. (7) Note Check the electrical equipment of the ground or zero must be reliable. (8) for maintenance, you must pay attention to safety. 11, stabilized soil mixing station equipment routine maintenance or repair, you should cut the main power feed cabinet and pulled out the key switch on the key, and hang out warning signs, so as to avoid personal injury caused by misuse or equipment damage.